Key plot:

Tony has just killed Larry Moss, and Robert Galvez has the canister of the pathogen.

Tony has Galvez find a building, then blow it with FBI agents inside

Jack figures out Tony’s working against them after a discussion about Vincent Cardiff, the guy Tony found out about the White House attack from, but Tony steals Jack’s anti-seizure med-pack and escapes

Cara convinces her group including Alan Wilson to use the pathogen now instead of saving it for attacks next year, and they go about framing Jibraan Al-Zarian for the attack

After Cara meets with Hodges pretending to be his lawyer and suggests he must commit suicide to save his family, Jack offers Hodges protection – but Olivia Taylor decides to have him killed by Martin Collier’s contact

Using CTU archives at FBI, Jack manages to find Jibraan who has been set up to be on a Subway train when the canister of pathogen explodes, but they get it out in time

Tony has a man watching Kim as she goes to the airport to return to Los Angeles to force Jack into breaking Tony out of custody

The hostiles are outed and Kim manages to save the laptop after Sarah is killed and Bob is in a car crash/fire

This leads the FBI to Jack and Tony, where he has armed Jack with a bomb to murder Alan Wilson – the man who killed Michelle

Renee saves Jack and Jack stops Tony from killing Wilson

Renee decides to go in and prepare to torture Wilson 

Ethan and Aaron team up and recover a recording from Olivia’s office to expose her role in Hodges’ death

President Taylor decides that she can’t bury the evidence and has her reprimanded to the Justice Department, in a move which causes immense friction between her and Henry

Jack accepts his impending death with Imam Gohar but Kim arrives and decides she wants to do the stem cell treatment to try and save Jack’s life