Jack and co., through the takedown of Henry Powell and Dina and Behrooz Araz, found the trail of Habib Marwan, the man in control of the Dobson Override. Jack and Curtis managed to stop the meltdown of five power plants, although one did meltdown at San Gabriel Island. We learn that Marwan worked for McLennen-Forster under the alias Harris Barnes, but as Jack and Paul search their computer files, they detonate an EMP to cover their involvement. The pair manage to escape but as they’re rescued by CTU, Paul is shot twice and has to undergo surgery, which is successful but he remains critical. Jack goes undercover with Dina to find Marwan, but he sets up CTU, kills Dina and takes Jack, offering him in a trade for Behrooz to cover a missing person’s report of a military pilot. Mitch Anderson is impersonating the pilot to steal a stealth fighter and shoot down Air Force One, which he succeeds with, and Charles Logan is elevated to President through the 25th Amendment. His first issue is Marwan’s partial theft of the nuclear football, and of a nuclear warhead