Marwan shot down Air Force One and has stolen the nuclear football, which he uses to find a nuclear warhead. It’s mounted onto a missile and aimed for Los Angeles. New President Charles Logan orders Jack’s arrest for torturing Joe Prado, only for that to cause Marwan to slip away, leading Logan to call on ex-President David Palmer to help him through the crisis. Palmer’s first act is to authorise an assault on the Chinese consulate to get Lee Jong, a man connected with Marwan. But during Jack’s assault, the consul is killed and Lee is shot, and at CTU there is only one doctor to treat either Lee or Paul Raines: Jack chooses Lee, and Paul dies. CTU are led to Mandy, who kills Lee Castle and takes Tony hostage, looking to utilise Michelle’s position to help her escape. Mandy fakes their death but Jack saves Tony and captures Mandy, taking down Marwan with her information. Logan agrees to turn Jack to the Chinese but Walt Cummings wants him killed, a fact which Logan ignores and Palmer warns Jack of, leading him to fake his own death with the help of Tony, Michelle and Chloe – and stride off into the sunset. Jack Bauer is dead.