This time, another day begins for Jack Bauer as bioterrorists are attempting to release viral capsules into Los Angeles and eventually throughout the United States. President Palmer must deal with a scandal as he seeks re-election against a Republican senator, John Keeler. Jack is again thrust into action as he tries to tie Ramon Salazar to the viral threat; however, presumed-dead Operation Nightfall operative Stephen Saunders turns out to be the mastermind behind the release of the Cordilla virus.


Season 3 takes place:

  • 3 years after Season 2
  • 4 years 6 months after Season 1
  • 6 years 6 months after Operation: Nightfall (this will be important later)

Talking points:

  • Jack’s heroin habit
  • Kyle Singer and the hunt for the virus
  • Ramon’s prison break
  • Keeler’s accusations against Anne/David