24 Season 4's Jack Bauer and Audrey RainesWelcome all of you 24 junkies to the latest addition to the 24 blog. I was originally supposed to post this on Wednesday but with the Thanksgiving holiday, things got backed up.
First, before i get started, I wanted to share this. I would like to say Rest In Peace to Paul Walker. Some of you may know him as Lance Harbor from Varsity Blues. A few of you
may know him as Jared Cole from In to the Blue, or John Rahway from Takers. However, MOST of you will remember him as former Special Agent turned rebel Brian O Connor
from the Fast and Furious series. He was a great actor and a respectful man, father, and son. The chemistry between Paul Walker and Vin Diesel will never be matched, even though
Kiefer Sutherland and Carlos Bernard are certainly a close second. You will be missed Paul. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. Fast and Furious will not
be the same without you.

Now, on to the column. With the 24 Podcast finishing up their review of Season 3, I feel we should go ahead and preview 24 Season 4 which premiered January 9th, 2005.
As we set the scene, Season 4 is set 18 months after the events of Season 3. Jack Bauer is now working for the Secretary of Defense James Heller after being fired from CTU
by the new Director, Erin Driscoll. Jack also has a new love interest in Audrey Raines who is Jack’s most prominent love interest as she lasted 3 seasons. Jack is
eventually called back in to the field after Secretary Heller and Audrey are kidnapped by terrorists. Now the 24 Podcast will review Season 4 in its entirety so what i’m
going to do is lay out the bullet points that effect Season 4 as well as future seasons of 24.

The Return of Mike Novick: As we saw in Season 2, then President David Palmer relieved Mike Novick of his position as Chief of Staff after he felt betrayed by Mike
in the scandal to try and remove David Palmer from office. He was replaced by Wayne Palmer in Season 3 but by Season 4, Mike Novick was back serving on President
Keeler’s staff as well as Interim President Charles Logan’s staff. Mike was instrumental in bringing in David Palmer to assist Charles Logan with the crisis he

The Introduction of Edgar Stiles: Edgar made his debut in Season 4 as the know it all analyst Edgar Stiles. He clashed with Chloe O Brian quite frequently early on but
their friendship would get stronger as the season progressed. Edgar was instrumental in preventing the nuclear meltdown, although he lost his mother in the process. Edgar was mainly instrumental in preventing mass casualties without needing the Dobson Override.

The debuts of Curtis Manning and Bill Buchannon: Two of 24’s most beloved characters also made their Introductions in Season 4. Curtis Manning was introduced right from
the jump as the Second in command at CTU. It’s suggested that He was brought in before Jack was fired as they communicated on a first name basis when Jack arrived
at CTU so it’s suggested they knew each other. Curtis was a very vital part of CTU through out the day as he not only had to deal with the threat but also had to deal
with ex fling Marianne Taylor who was hired by CTU against his wishes with her own agenda. Bill Buchannon came in later in the season along with Michelle Dessler after
Erin Driscoll stepped down. Bill was Regional Director, the position formerly held by Ryan Chapelle. It’s hinted that Bill and Michelle were involved but he learned that
Michelle still had feelings for Tony. Bill was instrumental in helping avoid the crisis and was eventually promoted to Special Agent in charge at CTU, a position he held
for the better part of 2 seasons.

The Start of Charles Logan’s Reign of Terror: Season 4 will also be remembered as the start of President Logan’s reign of terror. He was sworn in as Interim President
after President Keeler was incapable of continuing after Air Force One was shot down by Mitch Anderson. This would mark the beginning of a hellacious 4 season run for
Logan and his staff as one of the main antagonists for Jack Bauer.

The Last Stand for David Palmer and Michelle Dessler: Season 4 also marked the last full season for 2 of 24’s most popular characters, David Palmer and Michelle Dessler.
David Palmer was brought back at the request of Mike Novick and approval of President Logan in order to help avert the terrorist crisis. Palmer and Logan quickly butted
heads after David Palmer authorized CTU to storm the Chinese consulate against President Logan’s wishes. The crisis was dealt with largely thanks to David Palmer and Jack
Bauer however, Logan took all the credit and dismissed Palmer. David Palmer, however, overheard Walt Cummings and Charles Logan approving a plan to kill Jack Bauer
rather than let the Chinese government have him. Palmer then warned Jack and was complicite along with Chloe, Michelle, and Tony, in faking Jack Bauer’s death. Michelle
divorced Tony Almeida in the aftermath of Season 3. By Season 4, she was brought back to CTU to replace Tony, who was filling in for Driscoll as Director of CTU.
Michelle and Tony butted heads a lot early on but by the end of Season 4, they had rekindled their flame and decided to both leave CTU after the day to start a family. However, Michelle was conflicted early on when Mandy returned and kidnapped Tony. She then asked Michelle if she’d do for Tony what Tony did for her, referring to Tony committing treason in Season 3 to save Michelle from Stephen Saunders. Michelle eventually gave in and told Bill and they ultimately saved Tony’s life.

The Return of Tony Almeida: In one of the more dramatic scenes in recent memory, we witnessed the return of Tony Almeida. After Jack Bauer and Audrey Raines were under attack,
Jack couldn’t call CTU because only CTU knew of their location, meaning CTU had to have been compromised. So, as Jack and Audrey were hiding out in the closet, Jack pulls
out his phone. Audrey asks him who he’s calling and he responds “The only person I can trust right now” So Jack and Audrey are in a shoot out in the garage when
Jack, Tony arrives just as Jack was out of bullets. Tony took over briefly at CTU and ws instrumental in avoiding the terrorists attacks. Tony eventually rekindles
his relationship with Michelle and is one of the principle players in faking the death of Jack Bauer.

The Beginning of the Sentox Nerve Gas Conspiracy: The biggest and largest conspiracy in all of 24’s history was the Sentox Nerve Gas Conspiracy. It started with
President Logan’s attempt to kill Jack Bauer and subsequent faking of his death and it lasted all the way to Season 7(Season 8 if you want to count Logan finally being taken out)
Now I will have a whole column up next Sunday to discuss the Conspiracy but just know that It was a conspiracy that changed the lives of every single popular character of 24 from Season’s
4 through 7.

Well I guess that’ll do it. The edition of the Podcast featuring Me and Mark reviewing Season 3 is up. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up with some of 24’s past Stars
to get their take on working on 24. Until next week, I am Joel Wood and this is still the longest day of my life.

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