Jack is facing a senate subcommittee, only to be pulled out by Renee Walker

She’s investigating a group led by Tony, who’s actually alive and has the CIP device, which allows his group to breach the government firewall and access the country’s primary installations

But after capturing Tony, turns out he’s actually working with Bill and Chloe to find the source of massive corruption within the government, perpetrated by Ike Dubaku and his boss Benjamin Juma

They’re undercover with David Emerson and kidnap former Sangala Prime Minister Ule Matobo and his wife, having to fake Renee’s death in the process

They double cross and kill Emerson and wire Matobo so they can track him to Dubaku

New President Allison Taylor is planning to invade Sangala

Her son Roger died between Redemption and S7 but husband Henry refuses to believe it was suicide

He is given evidence by Samantha Roth, Roger’s girlfriend, that two of Roger’s managers at his brokerage firm were doing business with firms linked to Sangala

His Secret Service agent Brian Gedge is a traitor though, paralysing Henry and killing Samantha, before trying to hang Henry as a suicide – only to be killed by Henry