Key plot points

Bill’s death

  • This is so sad – saddest death? Up there (alts: Mason? Edgar)
  • Ends a nice mini-circle for Bill, who an hour ago told Jack he couldn’t question Burnett – in a way he’s responsible, about ten minutes pass between that and Larry’s call – so to sacrifice himself to save the President is great

The bioweapon arrives

  • This is a very quick shift into the next threat – again with the relentlessness
  • Once again, Jack putting a civilian in harm’s way expecting them to behave as they were going to before meeting them
  • Admire the fact that Jack has no hesitation in stopping the leak once he notices it

Olivia v Ethan

  • This antagonistic attitude between them from the get-go is a bit mad
  • We learn almost instantly what Olivia is and see it in action very quickly after
  • She is fairly narcissistic; does she not realise her mother is the world’s most powerful person? She doesn’t need to try and make a power grab (Tony in S4: “I don’t need to establish position. I’ve already got it”)
  • Ethan is right to resign
  • Her blackmailing of Ken is incredible, particularly given that she got herself out of a hole she dug

Hodges’ ultimatum

  • Is he the most deranged villain the show has had?
  • The bioweapon being loaded onto the missiles makes it an entirely pointless threat – why not just use missiles?
  • Do enjoy the tension of it all though
  • And also the air of confidence about Taylor when Hodges is arrested

The Tony twist

  • The scene itself is fine at best, it sets up where the only outcome is the one that happens or Galvez kills both Tony and Larry – and quite frankly the show was never going to have such a major character killed by such a nobody
  • It feels like a very 24 twist in that he’s done plenty of good and “he’s changed” type stuff – Jack even speaks to Taylor about taking his positive actions into account 30 mins before – and then this
  • I suppose at least he was on the other side of the law before S7