24 Legacy: Manny and Evan


Welcome to 24 Faithful, the unofficial podcast for Fox’s show 24. My name is Joshua Rivers and I am your host. In the last episode, Mark Sieverkropp and Bradley Adams joined me to discuss some things about the upcoming 24: Legacy season. We are less than a week from this airing, and we will be back next week to cover the first two episodes, so make sure to stay tuned and be ready to share your thoughts and reactions as well.


In the last episode of the podcast, we also mentioned a new partner, TVShow Time from Whipclips. It’s an awesome app that does several things. First of all, you find the shows that you are currently watching, or even shows that you have already watched. You can mark the episodes and seasons that you have seen. Then you can also get involved in some discussions with others that love the show as well. They are starting to integrate certain podcasts into the app as well, and that’s where we come in! Be sure to check out the TVShow Time app and join the discussion there. You can go to 24faithful.com/tvshowtime.


Another awesome part of this partnership is that Whipclips has connections to the TV show networks. As a result, they can get exclusive interviews with the showrunners and other crew members. Today we are sharing one such interview. They were able to interview Manny Coto and Evan Katz. They are both producers and writers for the show and share some personal insights about the show’s past and future.