We pick up with Jack and Chase arresting Nina to bring her back to LA. She unleashes a computer worm on CTU which Chloe manages to stop, and while being questioned Nina manages to escape, only to be shot and killed by Jack. Stephen Saunders, one of Jack’s team on Operation Nightfall, is revealed as the true buyer of the virus, and has Marcus Alvers release a vial in the Chandler Plaza hotel, causing 800+ people including Gael and Michelle to become exposed. Saunders makes demands of President Palmer, just moments after he lies to the police to cover Sherry’s involvement in Alan Milliken’s death – the last demand being the murder of Ryan Chappelle.


Main talking points:

  • Nice knowing ya, Nina
  • Enter Stephen Saunders: master criminal
  • Attack on the Chandler Plaza
  • Saunders’ demands and Ryan’s death
  • Death #2 related to the Palmer administration