Jack, Tony, Bill, Chloe and Renee raid Dubaku’s office space, rescue the Matobos and destroy the CIP device

They decide to go to President Taylor to expose the existence of corruption

Agent Vossler takes Henry Tayor hostage and gives him to Dubaku, who blackmails the President: withdraw from Sangala or Henry dies

Jack and Renee threaten Vossler’s family and get to Henry, but not before he’s shot

They discover Marika Donoso, Dubaku’s girlfriend whom was told his name was Samuel Aboa, and ask her to keep a meeting with Dubaku and they’ll follow

In the sting operation Marika crashes the car and dies, while Jack gets a chip containing the co-conspirators’ names

This includes Sean Hillinger and Erika, who tried covering their tracks at the FBI but Sean killed Erika and his name was on the chip

Tony tells Jack there’s another threat from Juma and Ryan Burnett, Senator Mayer’s chief of staff, knows about it

Jack tortures him in the White House but is stopped

Juma attacks the White House as Renee escapes Laurent Dubaku, Ike’s son

Jack gets Taylor into the lockdown but Aaron Pierce can’t get Olivia Taylor there, and Juma finds her and forces the President to open the door