Welcome, 24 Faithful!

This is the fan-based website for 24!

The creators of this site, Joshua Rivers and Mark Sieverkropp, are also the hosts of The 24 Podcast. They started the podcast in August of 2013 in anticipation of 24: Live Another Day. They went back and rewatched the first 8 seasons, giving commentary on it as they went. Along the way, two others joined them periodically as special guest hosts: Joel Wood and Jack Zolla.

The 24 Podcast

When 24: Live Another Day started, they watched each episode and recorded their commentary on it.

Then, the season ended.

Questions arose about what to do.

Unsure of another season of 24, the idea of fan-produced writing emerged (thanks, Jim Woods!) and this site is where it will be hosted.

What will the writing project look like? We’re not exactly sure…yet. What we do know is that it will be exciting and engaging