The feedback for this story has been incredible! We have had it shared all over Twitter and Facebook (feel free to share this, too!).

Some of the feedback we got was regarding bringing back certain characters, such as Tony, Chloe, and Kim. We already have the next two hours either written or outlined, and maybe we will bring a sneak peek post, much like 24 did previewing the next episode. I can assure fans that Chloe is definitely coming back. We are not sure about Kim yet. And Tony, well…

#BringBackTony Revolution

Tony sees the prison's schematics

Tony sees the prison’s schematics

For almost a whole year leading up to 24: Live Another Day, we (hosts of The 24 Podcast) advocated constantly for the writers to bring back Tony. We possibly irritated David Fury on Twitter at least once.

With that said, our plan is to stay as true to the actual story of 24 as possible. There are a lot of things that have happened and a lot of characters that have passed through the 9 seasons. There are also the books that have been written.

On the Blu-ray release of 24: Live Another Day, there was a 7-minute special called 24: Solitary. This starred Tony Almeida in prison. This takes place 8 years after Day 7. To put this in perspective, there was 18 months between Day 7 and Day 8; and there was 4 years between Day 8 and Day 9 (LAD). This makes a total of 5 1/2 years. If we throw in the timeline for this fan fiction writing, it would total 6 years since Day 7 – 2 years before Tony in 24: Solitary.

As much as we would love to have Tony be included in 24: Countdown, the timeline given by Fox doesn’t allow us to do this. I (Josh) pushed for #BringBackTony even when many others lost hope. It wasn’t until the final episode of 24: LAD that I finally had let it go.

The only plausible way we can incorporate Tony is via a phone/video call. At this point, we don’t know if this scenario will work or not.

Whether or not we are able to work Tony into our story or not, we are strongly holding out for a sequel including him (or starring him). 24: Solitary made it seem incredibly possible that this could happen…

Fan-driven story

This story started by fans of 24. I decided to try something to keep the fire going. A small team was gathered. We started with an idea and brainstormed together. The story line you have already started to see was begun.

But we definitely want your feedback and suggestions as well!

We can’t include every suggestion, but we will definitely consider everything. Don’t let this stop you from leaving your feedback. The best way to do this is to either leave a comment on one of the posts or by using the contact form. Twitter and Facebook may work, but there is so much activity there, your suggestion may get lost.

Moving on from here…

In the next week or two, we will release a sneak peek of Hour 2, wetting your appetite for more. The full post of the second hour should come out the first week of February.

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