Welcome to the first episode of The 24 Podcast! You are here because you absolutely LOVE the show 24 (or at least like it a lot). This podcast is dedicated to everything about the show 24.

Joshua Rivers and Mark Sieverkropp started this podcast in 2013, a year before 24: Live Another Day aired (May 2014).

We started by doing a surface review of seasons 1-8, followed by weekly reviews of each episode of 24: LAD as it aired.

When 24: Legacy aired in 2017, Bradley Adams and Joel Wood joined us to review each week.

In between those two seasons, several of us worked together to write a fan fiction novel, 24: Countdown (following Jack’s journey after LAD).

In May of 2020, we started the podcast back up to review the seasons once again – and we’re looking for your feedback as well – I hope that you will join us on this incredible journey!