Jack Zolla, Mark Sieverkropp, and Josh Rivers come together to talk about the upcoming 24LAD. There is a video as well as the audio.

We cover the following:

  1. How Chloe goes from where she is in the clip after S8 and where she is in LAD
  2. What Pres. Heller is like
  3. The impending confrontation between The Hellers and Jack
  4. Audreys husband Mark Bourdreau. Is he honorable chief of staff or traitor using Audrey to get to the president?
  5. How Kate Morgan (Yvonne Strahovski) plays in to the story
  6. How an American field ops unit like the CIA operates on foreign soil
  7. The prospect of having the “big bad” this season being a female. That woman Margot looks creepy and intimidating
  8. Chances Tony returns