24: LAD is finally here!

Jack_24ladLast night, 24 Live Another Day aired the first 2 episodes. And they didn’t disappoint!

Mark and Josh talk about the episodes and give some great commentary on the plots and the characters, new and old.

Of course, we love the returning characters:

  • Jack Bauer
  • Chloe O’Brian
  • James Heller
  • Audrey Reins

Oh, wait…that’s Audrey Boudreau now. She’s married to Mark, the chief of staff of President Heller.

Other new characters include:

  • Kate Morgan
  • Erik Ritter
  • Jordan Reed
  • Steve Navarro
  • Chris Tanner
  • Adrian Cross
  • Margot Al-Harazi
  • Simone Al-Harazi

We share our thoughts on these and more. At the end, we share some spoilers and predictions.

What are your thoughts?