With several men restraining Jack, facedown with their knees firmly implanted into the small of his back, they clasp a new pair of handcuffs around his wrists. Jack’s feet are then shackled to limit his kicking ability. The men yank on the chain connected to his cuffs to bring him to his feet. Jack sneers to hide the jolt of pain that surged through his shoulders and neck from that jerk. It isn’t the worst pain he’s ever felt, but it was enough to remember that those muscles and joints still exist.

Despite his desire to cooperate for the moment out of sheer curiosity, his instincts were in high gear examining his captors. If he were to attempt an escape, this is not the opportune time. Even if he overcame all these men, he knew nothing of the facility outside the confines of his cell. He assumes that he’s below ground, but beyond that is speculation.

With a shove, Jack is pushed into the hallway. Just then, Jack could taste some blood on his lips. Was it his or the Colonel’s? He wasn’t sure, but Jack wondered how much they would clean up the room before bringing in the next prisoner. A blood-stained room may open the mouths of some prisoners a little easier than not, and a good interrogator uses everything to his advantage. Jack’s mind drifts on this thought briefly as he is lead down the corridor.

“Hopefully he was able to find something out,” a woman’s voice came from the other room.

“I hope so,” Kate replies, looking behind her. “We’re running out of options.”

“And time,” the woman says, walking into the room.

“It was never your government I was after,” Jack said. “I was exacting revenge on key individuals that had a price to pay. They just happened to work for your government.”

“Passion. That’s the other part of you I can respect.”

“No, sir,” replies the driver. “And we have the device ready for remote detonation.”

The woman pulls the flip phone from her coat pocket and hands it to Lebedev.

“Perfect. Within the hour, Moscow will know just how serious we are. Then they’ll have to listen to us after all this time.”

This is just a preview of the second hour of 24: Countdown. The whole hour will be available on February 6, 2015, at 24Faithful.com. You can also read the Introduction and Hour 1 there as well.